The ‘Navaratri’ feast

The famous Hindu festival Navratri celebrates good over evil and worship the nine avatars of Devi Durga. The festival for nine nights is celebrated across India and abroad where Indian communities have been upholding the religious and traditional values of India. Religions and traditions aside, what makes this festival so widely accepted among all castes and creeds of the states is the plethora of snacks and desserts. Throughout these nine days, you can satiate your tummy as much as you want while making sure that you do not fall ill.

Yoho products are not only delicious to taste but also safe to consume as the ingredients are fresh. Each snack product of Yoho is prepared with utmost care, be it Bhakarwadi or Chiwada. Celebrating Navaratri does not mean you have only the food from you regions as there are multi-regional namkeen items for you to gorge on. While there is Maharashtrian Bhadang or Gujarati gathiya, you will have simple and common snack items like peanuts, saboodana and fries.

Enjoy Navaratri With These Snacks

If you are confused about which food items to try during this festive season, why not check out the munchies you generally love or get in your area and then try the new ones that you haven’t tried so far. Here are the popular Yoho snacks that you can consider –

  • Lemon Bhel can be a delectable choice for those who love the taste of lemon and want to have a snack that is light for stomach. With puffed rice and sev this can be a great side snack.
  • Probably the most variegated Yoho namkeen that you will find is the Chiwada or Chiwda. To suit the palettes of everyone, Yoho have come up with Lite Chiwada (puffed rice and minimal sev), Corn Chiwada (fried cornflakes), Falahari Chiwada (Curry leaves, sev, peanuts and more) and Pravasi Chiwda (coconut slices, lentils, sev and nuts).
  • If sevs are your common to-go time pass snacks, Yoho has you covered with the spicy Shev Murmura (puffed rice, lentils and shev), Lahsun Sev with the mouth-watering garlic flavour and Loung Sev with the taste of cloves. Although originated from Madhya Pradesh, this snack is the commonest item in every household all over India and Navaratri can be the best time to greet your guests with a handful of sev in a bowl.
  • If you are on a diet or avoid extra spicy and savoury food, the salted Peanuts and Saboodana are your safest options. You can have them as side snacks with starters and beverages. The Tasty Nuts and Masala Peanuts are also great snack options if you want some savouriness.
  • The authentic taste and aroma of Indian spices are infused in the Khatta Meetha, Navratna Mix, Tikha Papdi, Papdi and Dal Moth. If you are staying at home and celebrating over some tasty food, have these on your plates and these can be served as starters when you are having guests for lunch or dinner.
  • In terms of day-time snacks, Yoho has brought you the affordable and scrumptious Magic Wheels, ABCD and Krish with tangy tomato flavour. The Ringz Chatpata and Tomato Masti can satiate your hunger just as Mini Bhakawadi.
  • Besides nuts, legumes and lentils can be source of nutrients while being crunchy snack food items. For example, check out the Moong Dal, Masala Matar, Hing Chana and Chana Chatpata.

With so many snacks to keep your tastebuds engaged during these festive days, you would not have to spend much as all these products are available at the lowest costs you will ever find. Make this Navaratri special with quick bites celebrating the Indian taste.