Sweet Vs Salty – But the Power Lies with You!

Do you have a sweet tooth or your heart always craves for something namkeen? The battle between sweet and savoury is evident when you are a foodie. If you are getting into a new diet, it gets more complicated as the indecisiveness will be there. Yoho products come to your rescue by offering you sweet and salty in various flavours and colours. So, whether you are more inclined to savoury snack items or want something sweet to freshen up your tastebuds, Yoho is your all-in-one store.

What Is So Sweet About Yoho Candies?

How would you feel when a candy bursts into your mouth and rich flavour is tingling senses? That is the thing with Yoho candies that come with a plethora of flavours from fruits, nuts, herbs and beverages sourced from all around India.

Acting as mouth fresheners, the Yoho mint candy and paan candy will be great options to try while you are going out to meet someone, for shopping or after a wholesome meal. A famous dessert from West Bengal, rasmalai is popular throughout India and Yoho has made sure you get the creamy milky taste of Rasmalai whenever you want just by popping a Rasmalai candy into your mouth.

Cocoa and coffee lovers do not have to wait for a glass of hot chocolate or cafe latte to energise the mood. The rich and crunchy caramel candy gives you a nostalgic down memory lane ride to your childhood. Dipped in green and black coffee bean flavours, Yoho coffee toffee candy can be great beverage substitute.

Enjoy the taste of cashew nuts with Kaju candy, sweet lime with Mosambi candy and litchi with Litchi candy. Pulpy orange and Santra Goli are the two variants of orange flavoured candies you can try out throughout the year instead of waiting for winters. The summer specialty fruits like watermelon and pineapple also get flavoured candy like mints.   

You no longer have to spend money on costly fruits that are not widely available in Indian climate as Yoho strawberry candy gets the popular flavour stocked up in candy. If you like ripe mango, worry no more as there are two variants namely Milky Mango candy and mango candy and if sour green mangoes are your favourites, get the kaccha aam flavoured candy.

The offbeat coconut candy has a milky texture with a nutty flavour while the imli candy gives you the rich taste of tamarind. Finally, if you want the taste of multiple fruits in a single candy, there is Fruity candy with the flavours of orange, pomegranate, banana, lime and mango.  

Salty Snacks To Suit Your Palette