Lentil Snacks

Popular across the globe, especially in southern Asia, west Asia and the Mediterranean regions, Lentil is rich in energy. In India, several snacks and even staple food items are dependent on lentil. This edible legume is consumed as soup or curry with rice or bread and various vegetarian curries are made thicker by boiling lentils, as well as the stocks of the plants. Bread varieties like pappadum contain lentil flour and it is also used in poori or paranthas as stuffing.

Keeping the staples aside, Yoho namkeen has made sure that you get to enjoy wholesome snacks with different types of lentils so that you get proper nutrients even while consuming snack food items. Very much affordable and having the authentic Indian taste, these products can be your day-time snacks, sides with main course, as well as evening snack with any beverage.

Coming to the nutritional values of lentil, it has 19.54 % carbohydrates, around 8% dietary fiber, Vitamin B-3, C and K along with minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium. If you are wondering how you will get these nutrients from Yoho products, be assured that each snack package contains sufficient amount of lentil varieties along with rich spices and other nutritional elements. Here are the namkeen products that you can try –

Navratna Mix

Nine Indian jewels including besan or Bengal Gram Flour, roasted split gram and split pulse Bengal gram make the Navratna Mix a perfect savoury snack. With antioxidants and acidity regulators, the mixture contains different fresh spices like turmeric powder, black salt, red chili powder, black pepper powder and sugar powder. The munchies like sago or saboodana, ground nut and corn flakes make the snack rich in carbohydrate and protein with zero cholesterol.

Moong Dal

One of the best time pass snacks with lentils will be the salty moong dal that is tossed instead of deep fried. Lorem ipsum is a source of significant amount of carbohydrate and the classic snack will be perfect for those who want snack items without much fat and cholesterol. Enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee, or with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Corn Chiwada

A perfect mixture of corn flakes and rice flakes, corn chiwada will leave a sweet and savoury taste in your mouth. Have it as morning snacks or munch while doing a chore –this snack tossed in refined palmolein oil is a healthy option. The roasted split gram and peanuts make the snack more enjoyable while the array of Indian spices namely sugar powder, turmeric powder, red chili powder, curry leaves, fennel seed, whole coriander, cumin seeds, black pepper powder, black salt and asaphoetida add to the authentic sweet and savoury taste. The snack item also has raisins, dry coconut and cashew nuts for added flavor.

Lite Chiwada

For a tasty yet healthy quick bite, try the Lite Chiwada from Yoho that is made from salted rice flakes, chana daal (chickpea soup), split pulse Bengal Gram and Bengal Gram flour. With over 75% carbohydrates and about 11% sugar, this nutritious snack item is not oily or deep fried as the rice flakes are tossed gently in refined palmolein oil. To add some rich aroma and taste, turmeric powder, black salt, asaphoetida and sugar powder is used along with Antioxidant E330 and acidity regulators.

Lemon Bhel

Lemon Bhel is perhaps the most aromatic and tangy snack item containing lentils. The rice pops are infused with the aroma of lemon and the sev is crunchy enough to complement the Bengal Gram Flour. Iodized salt is used to keep the salt level at normal, turmeric powder is used to give a proper taste and lemon powder is added for the signature aroma. Tossed with refined palmolein, the snack has acidity regulator and antioxidant added at prescribed amount.

Yoho snacks make sure that you get the proper nutrition from the lentil-based snack items as in any lentil soup or curry. Try out these snacks and enjoy the authentic taste of lentils sourced from different Indian states.