Healthy Vs Spicy Snacks - Let YOHO help you

The craving for unhealthy snacks at midnight is something that more or less everyone has experienced. It becomes difficult to settle for salads and greens drastically from a potentially unhealthy food choice that included chips, fast food, cold beverages and so on. So, if you are struggling to get in shape and remove unhealthy options from your chart, Yoho Snacks is here to find a balance. What if you are told that you can consume namkeens that are healthy? Well, it is possible now with the array of products having authentic Indian flavours.

Why Settle For Healthy Snacks?

Those suffering from obesity, cholesterol, high blood sugar, high blood pressure and gastric issues need to take care of their diet charts with utmost importance. The Yoho products are prepared while keeping the health benefits in mind and that is why you will find munchies with zero cholesterol and zero trans-fat. Some of the popular snack items from Yoho that can be healthy snack options are as followed –

  • Lite Chiwada –With only around 12% total fat and sugar respectively, Lite Chiwada made of rice flakes, split Bengal Gram pulse and Bengal Gram flour is as light to your stomach as the name suggests. Being devoid of extra spice and oil, this is your healthiest evening and morning snacks option.
  • Corn Chiwada –For a contrast taste, you can try the sweet and savoury corn chiwada made of rice flakes and mashed corn. This chiwada is relatively spicier option for those who want some tangy taste and it contains raisins, dry coconut, cashew, fennel seed, curry leaves, coriander, cumin and red chilli in proper quantity.
  • Falahari Chiwada –Another sweet and spicy time-pass snacks option is Falahari Chiwada that is rich in carbohydrates with potato and peanut while raisin, green chilli and cumin seeds add to the spiciness.
  • Lemon Bhel –Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, Lemon bhel will freshen up your taste with sufficient amount of puffed rice and sevs made of Bengal gram flour. What makes this otherwise simple snack so delicious is the lemon powder.
  • Masala Peanut –While the name suggests spicy, the peanuts are tossed with fresh black pepper, red chilli powder and cumin powder instead of artificial flavouring.
  • Bhadang –A snack rich in carbohydrate, bhadang has puffed mini rice pops and peanuts tossed with sugar powder, garlic, cumin and coriander seed powder and red chilli powder to add a spicy taste naturally.
  • Krish –As day-time snacks, the tangy pops are another type of meal consisting of rice, gram and corn. The tanginess is obtained with tartaric acid and the condiments include powdered fennel, coriander, ajwain, cumin and chilli.
  • Savoury Alphabets –With a Spanish tomato twist, the savoury AlphabEats use minimal condiments and fresh spices with munchies made from starch powder and wheat flour.
  • Masala Matar –Tossed green peas are crunchy enough and retain the original taste of peas with red chilli and black salt.
  • Navratna Mix –Nine Indian snacks are mixed with black salt, powdered sugar, black pepper and turmeric. Bengal Gram flour, Sago, split Bengal Gram pulse, groundnut, roasted split gram, sev and corn flakes are some of the ingredients.   

Are Spicy Snacks Suitable For You?

The main difference between healthy and spicy snacks is that the spicy ones use high amount of oil and contains fat and cholesterol in great percentage. The amount of spices in a spicy snack is way greater than that used by Yoho namkeen. While Yoho emphasizes on retaining the original taste and essence of the fresh ingredients while using spices only for added flavour, the spicy snack products use spices with frozen or stored ingredients, thereby losing the originality.

No matter whether you are a fitness freak or a foodie, when you see spicy food, your mouth will surely be watered. So, now that you know which one is better for you and why, check out the Yoho snacks page to choose your favourites from an array of healthy namkeens. 

P.S: However, just to be on the same page, you cannot keep on snacking throughout the day!