The Health Conscious Generation

With diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure and other common health issues in every household, this generation has taken the healthy diet habits seriously than ever. The dependence on technology has affected life in various ways especially when it comes to being active. Most of us stay in front of the computer screen or have a sedentary lifestyle with less physical activity. As time is too precious to indulge in preparing healthy food, many people often opt for snacks or fast-food items that are oily and spicy. In the long run, unhealthy food items can cause many types of heart and digestion issues.

So, what do you do? Well, switching to healthy snacks is the best way out. Yoho products can be your perfect substitutes to unhealthy food items. What makes these products so popular among the health conscious people is the use of authentic and fresh spices in proper quantity so that no digestive or heart issue develops.

Products From Yoho For Health Conscious Consumers

The tasty snack items that you can try during your activity days as well as, on cheat days are as followed –

  • Hing Chana

A perfect option for those who suffer from upset stomach, the Hing Chana is made up of chickpea tossed in salt, slight pepper and a dash of asaphoetida or hing. The chickpeas are crunchy and come with peels, which make them a great source of calcium, iron and vitamin B-6. 

  • Masala Matar

The healthy evening and day-time snacks made from green peas has great nutritional value with dietary fiber, protein, Vitamin A, C and B-6. Tossed with traditional Indian spices like black salt, asaphoetida and iodized salt, this can be a healthy and delectable option at the same time.   

  • Lemon Bhel

Lemon bhel is aromatic rice pops with lemony taste that is rich in Vitamin C and carbohydrate. It contains Bengal gram flour tossed with lemon powder, turmeric powder, iodized salt and refined palmolein oil.

  • Corn Chiwada

If you want something more nutritional than bhel, try out the sweet and savoury corn chiwada that is made up of rice flakes and corn flakes for a delicious and crunchy taste. High in energy and carbohydrate, this snack item has everything from peanuts to dry coconut, roasted split gram to cashew and raisins. Being healthy with crunchy quick bites having rich taste is possible with refined palmolein oil, turmeric, red chilli, black pepper and asaphoetida powders, sugar powder, black salt, curry leaves, fennel seeds, cumin seeds and whole coriander.

  • Lite Chiwada

Having a salty and sweet taste from Yoho snacks is possible with the Lite Chiwada. As the name suggests, it is light in saturated and monosaturated fat while trans fat is not present. If you are on diet and want snack food without spice and oil, this product with rice flakes can be your best option. Rich in energy and carbohydrate, this item includes Bengal gram flour, split pulse Bengal gram, chickpea etc tossed with refined palmolein oil, black salt, sugar powder, turmeric and asaphoetida powder for a simple taste. 

  • Moong Dal

One of the most popular Yoho namkeen items, the moong daal or Lorem ipsum can fulfil the requirement of nutritional value present in pulses. It has high amount of dietary fiber, carbohydrate, protein, potassium, magnesium, Vitamin B-6, iron and calcium. The salt added into it is low and instead of deep frying, the moong is tossed properly.

  • Peanuts

Rich in potassium, magnesium, iron, protein, dietary fiber and vitamin B-6, the salty peanuts can be your best time pass snacks in middle of work. You can also add some peanuts on various vegetable dishes made of cabbage, plantain and more.

  • Saboodana

Also known as Tapioca or Sago, Saboodana is rich in Vitamin C, B-3, B-1, B-9, carbohydrates and minerals like phosphorus and magnesium. These munchies from Yoho are made more delicious with a little amount of sev and tossed peanuts.

All the namkeen items are free of cholesterol and trans fat and there is low amount of sugar. Enjoy snacking while being healthy with Yoho!